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Information for Members

The National Office website is the best place to update your contact information, access the membership roster, and to opt out of paper mailing of Intelligencer.

 What if I move?

Anytime you move, please notify the  (by email), or at:

American Mensa, Ltd.
1229 Corporate Dr. West
Arlington, TX 76006-6103

Phone:817-607-0060, Fax: 817-649-5232, Toll-Free: 800-66-MENSA.

We always get your address from them.
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 What if my Intelligencer is late?

Report late issues (received after the 7th of the month of issue) to the U.S. Postal Service, using the postal claim form available at your post office, USPS Form 4314-c; send a photocopy to the Business Manager for follow-up. If you do not receive a copy by the 5th of the month, or if your copy is incomplete or damaged, call or e-mail the Business Manager for a replacement.

If you e-mail or leave a message on an answering machine, be sure to include your complete address.
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 Where is the Intelligencer online?

For security reasons, we do not make our newsletter available on the Web. Many of our contributors would not consent to the inclusion of their phone numbers or home addresses in the Intelligencer if that personal information would also appear on the Internet, no matter what precautions we might take to prevent unauthorized access.

However, those people do not object to the same information being sent point to point via e-mail. Therefore, we can offer e-mail delivery of the Intelligencer. This is an optional service for members of SFRM who are also subscribers to the SFRM M2M Communications Service. All members of SFRM are encouraged to subscribe to the Service, and may request e-mail delivery of the Intelligencer at the same time. Contact the National Office to opt out of receiving the paper Intelligencer by mail.
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 Where is the roster online?

Mensa members can login to the American Mensa site and access the member directory under the 'connect' tab.
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 Where is the Members Only Section?

Any information that we wish to offer to our members only, such as a copy of our local bylaws, is available through the SFRM M2M Service.  All members of SFRM are encouraged to subscribe.
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 How can the local group contact me?

If you have provided your e-mail address to the National Office, then we have it, but we do not broadcast to that list of addresses for any routine purposes. There is often information you might want brought to your attention, such as when a scheduled event that you would drive clear across the Bay Area to attend has been rescheduled or relocated. Information that is too late for publication in the Intelligencer can still reach you through the SFRM M2M Service. All members of SFRM are encouraged to subscribe to the Service.
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